Before using your sprayer

The top choice up serious do it yourself home owners remodeling contractors handyman and other tradespeople once you experience the time savings and quality of the finished provided by a great cause breyer you’ll never want to use a brush or traditional role there again the purpose if this DVD is to help you get the most out of your new sprayer you will be surprised by how fast fun and easy it is to spray your coatings included on this DVD are additional bonus sections with pointers on common painting projects check the DVD menu to access these bonus sections before using your sprayer we recommend watching all of the following
getting ready to spray how to spray cleanup and storage basic troubleshooting and accessories watch these sections
Rieger manual and you will be spraying with professional results fast safety is an important consideration when using
any power equipment make sure you re overall safety warnings instructions and the manual that came with your great go unit before operating your equipment do ruled home in getting ready to spray we will discuss site in surface preparation product safety sprayer components unit assembly start-up and selecting the right spray tip using your break a machine as either a paint
sprayer or with a pressure roller attachment requires minimal added prep work like any painting project you’ll need to prepare the
surface you’re painting and protect the services you want to keep clean consult the store where you purchased your sprayer for tools and products that make site preparation fast and easy  you want to move as much of the furniture out the room or the area you’re painting as possible make sure to have plenty of space for your tools and equipment cover any furniture plans and vehicles in the area cover everything you don’t wish to get pain on this includes removing or covering light fixtures mask and paper around trend towards and Windows turn off the electrical supply to the area and loosen or remove cover plates from light fixtures and electrical outlets remove heating and air conditioning vent covers also remove any drapes and the bracket hardware if painting a door
or its tram remove the door in place across two sawhorses or a table remove all the hardware from the door repair all nail and screw holes with the spackling compound using a party night look for cracks or holes and fill them in with the party as needed
remember to send any rough areas scrape off large areas a peeling paint cock or fill in all exterior cracks and holes including the service follow all directions on the material container remove all dirt mold and mildew white all services clean a pressure washer with cleaning solution may be used to clean exterior surfaces it is important to allow all services time to dry thoroughly

I’ll the last step safety is one of the most important preparation steps for your safety reedy operating manual and review all safety precautions for your paint sprayer and the materials you are spraying some of the basic safety precautions are as follows use your equipment only in a well-ventilated area well it’s important to note that for your safety you never want to squeeze the gun trigger when the spray tip is between the spray and unclog positions the tip should be secure and completely inserted the guard housing and pointing forward never put your hand in front of the chip and never point to spray gun at your cell or anyone else high pressure fluid can pierce the skin and caused a very serious injury if this happens seek immediate medical attention even if the injury a small injection injuries are very serious always engage the gun trigger safety when not spraying only use grounded electrical outlets and three wire extension cords refer to your manual for extension cord requirements always relieve the system pressure before leaving
cleaning checking or servicing your equipment always wear protective clothing such as gloves I where hearing protection dust masks and respirators we’re close you are concerned about getting paid on and cover your head with a hat or spray side if you spray solvent based coatings consult your manual for important safety precautions specific to flammable materials always refer to the specific instructions and safety procedures for the spray equipment you are using with the area prepared for spraying it is time to get familiar with the sprayer no matter which Graco’s sprayer you purchased.

the basic components are very similar consult your manual for  information about operation with advanced features up specific sprayers let’s look at the basic components let’s start with our control settings some sprayers heaven all control which is a control knob that combines the on/off control the prime spray control and the pressure control into one others prayers have three separate controls the on/off power switch prime spray valve and the pressure control knob the all control has a storage of prime clean pump role prime clean gun and hose Los spraying hi spray setting the storage setting is used when you are finished painting and storing the product the restive the settings on the all control are similar to the pressure control knob located on other products the pressure control knob allows you to control the spring pressure turn the knob clockwise for more pressure and collar clockwise for less pressure the knob has four symbols to help you determine the desired pressure setting the first symbol is the pressure roller symbol this setting is used for the pressure roller accessory the second symbol is the priming in cleaning simple use this setting for priming in cleaning your sprayer the third symbol is the low pressure spray symbol this setting is used for spring at lower pressure when using lighter material like stains and enamels.

well the fourth simple high pressure spray is for spring at the highest pressure for heavy materials like latex or acrylic paint during the prime spray valve horizontally for the spray position and vertically for the prime position priming build this prayer with paint or other materials either for painting or storage and is required for proper operation the prime spray valve is also used to relieve pressure in the system the power switch is located on the back side at most sprayer’s the suction tube the larger the two tubes draws the material or paint into the system well the smaller prime tube or drain tube is used for draining material or waste from the system
the inlet screen is located at the bottom of the suction to and prevents objects such as twigs leaves or rocks from being sucked into
the system and damaging your sprayer the power flush attachment isn’t easy way to clean the sprayer system if you’re using water-based paint some units come with us build our trade they can be used to catch any paint drips and keep your paying a really we will discuss all these components in greater detail so some Graco Magnum sprayers come with an into clean filter this filter keeps you spraying longer by reducing spray tip b the filter is automatically clean when the prime valve is used to relieve pressure
other Graco’s prayers include a manifold filter that should be removed and cleaned after each job your Graco’s prayer comes complete with an airless paint spray gun and hose the particular gun that you own depends upon which prayer you purchased.

Saving For Your Dream Home

Most Filipinos desire to have their own home. In a research by National Wages and Productivity Commission, they found that 26.96% out of 2.46 million households want their own homes. However, considering the average income of most Filipinos, it is hard to yield to the payment terms that most financing companies require.

Owning your dream home in a span of years is not impossible — even if you have a daily wage of a little less than 500. Just some tweaks with how you manage your finances will earn you even more than enough to purchase your dream home.

Here are some of the latest house and lot for sale in Cebu .. Aduna Villas , Pristine Grove Residences, and 32 Sanson by Rockwell

Take it one month at a time with the following steps:

Trimming down monthly expenses
This sets the foundation on how the next steps will go. Filipinos have the tendency to fall into the traps of impulse buying or simply buying things they don’t really need. This characteristic is very evident when there is a sale. Basically, what you need to do first is to segregate what you really need and what you can live without.

Control your food expenses
Filipinos are naturally food lovers. We eat when we’re hungry, we eat when we’re
bored, or we just eat because there is nothing else to do. There is nothing wrong with
loving to eat that much, except if you are trying to save for a home. Temptation is too
strong with food being available just about anywhere. It is hard to say no to another cup of Starbucks coffee. Take a deep breath and relax. You can do this.

Eat only when it is really time to eat. Avoid taking multiple snacks between meals. Avoid overeating and the like. Food trip is good, just do not make it so regular. These will not only help you lose some unwanted fats, but can also help you save a lot of money for your house.

In buying, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”
As mentioned, most of us would really go wild on a sale especially if the discount is
pretty high. We have a society that partly judges status symbols by what people wear
or the gadgets they bring. So, the next time you see those shoes that are worth a
fortune, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” You probably have more shoes already
and you are just thinking of buying those shoes just to fit in to the trend. The next time
you get so tempted over material things, just remember those are temporary needs.
What you are trying to save for is what’s permanent.

Take the public transportation
Your excuse of having a hard time in taking the public transportation is not an excuse.
To avoid the morning rush, leave an hour or thirty minutes earlier than most people.
Taking public transportation will help you save a lot of gas money (if you have a
vehicle) or taxi money and will also minimize pollution at the same time.

Renovate your budget
Now that you know how you can trim down the not so useful expenses from your vocabulary, you can “renovate” your budget. This must be realistic. Think of this as a commitment. You will stick to this because you need your dream home.

Put your utility fees on top of your list. Bills, fees, loan payments, tuition fees, etc are what should be paid first before your material obsessions.
Be a smart grocery shopper. Shop only for what you need in your kitchen. Keep a list and assign an amount for each item. Do not buy things that are unnecessary.
Track your renovated budgets by keeping a list of all of your daily expenses. You can keep a handy notepad with you wherever you go or download applications where you could input your daily budget and expenses in your smartphones.
Save for the rainy days and by this, it means the sick days. Part of your disposable income should be set aside for emergency purposes. You never know when the need arises so it is better to save for it.
Do not try to help everyone. You are a working individual. You are not a charity. Yes, you may extend help once in a while, but it is not good if you drain your budget just because someone borrowed your money.
Work another job. Part-time jobs are good for full-time employees to earn more.

Consider getting a loan
You cannot pay the amount all at once in cold cash. Saving really takes a lot of time. To help you pay for your financing program for your house, consider getting a loan to ease your burden by dividing the bill on different months, depending on the company.

You will find yourself having a hard time or almost going insane after resisting temptation. Like any other savings process, the hard days will only be at the beginning. Once you get used to this. this will form a part of your habit. Smart buying will not be forced, but will be instinct. Once this continues in the long run. you will just be surprised that you are already opening the door to the home of your dreams.

Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer Review

If you just bought a new real estate property such as house and lot then painting areas in the house, whether they are big or small, can be challenging and exhausting at the same time. If you are only doing minor tasks such as repainting the fence or the interior of a bathroom where you want to match the color of your best flushing toilet, an airless paint sprayer is your best buddy.

It is a gas or electric-powered device that sprays paint or stain through a spray gun. Paint sprayer is not the one-stroke type of device. You will have to build up the colors to reach your desired hue. To know how light or dark the device sprays in a single stroke, test it on a surface before painting the area. Since this is not something everyone is used to, it takes a little bit of practice before you use it on the area.

Graco Magnum X5 is most probably the best airless paint sprayer when it comes to functionality. It works faster and covers more areas than the others. You won’t even need to thin most paints for this type can handle them well. The hose connects directly to a maximum of 5 gallons of paint saving you from all the hassle of mixing and pouring. It is also very efficient because most of your paint will really stick to the wall which means there is less over spraying. Its effectiveness and efficiency gets more work done in a less amount of time.

When it comes to portability, Graco Magnum X5 is light so you can easily carry it around. It comes with a 25-foot hose which is enough to reach the areas for most painting jobs. If you wish to have a longer hose, a 75-foot hose can also be purchased as an additional.

This device has a metal spray gun with a comfort grip. It has a motor that only operates when you pull the trigger, a function that lengthens the life of the painter’s motor Its pressure is up to 2800 psi which makes it useful even for the bigger projects like the exterior of the house and lot or a commercial building. Graco Magnum has a variable spray tip and is capable of auto priming. It comes with a one-year warranty, too.

Whether you are a beginner who’s going to repaint an area yourself or you are a pro painter who would like to have a better finish, this device is for you. Painting will be very easy and almost effortless if you use an airless spray painter that is of high quality and can surely function with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Get on to work with the Graco Magnum X5.