How to Paint the Interior of Your Condo Properly

interiorDoes your home look dull and plain in your eyes? Maybe it’s time to do the painting job! If your interior walls are not painted or they were painted several months or years from now and the paint started to crack, think about painting your condo on your own. But wait! Painting is never an easy job and it also needs skills and knowledge to correctly apply the paint on the walls for best results.

Painting your interior walls is the simplest but the most enjoyable way to refresh your place. But, most of the time, it is the kind of job that not just anyone can handle easily without any mistakes. So the next time that you want to paint your interior walls, do not forget to follow these tips and you will have that great-looking walls that you will love day after day:

Sheen Matters

The finish of the paint, or simply called sheen, would have a big effect on the walls. Satin, gloss and egg shell, these options do come with a lot of things to be considered. High traffic regions are going well with either satin or gloss since they are holding up better to touch and they can also be cleaned easier. However, they are the ones that can make the wall imperfections more pronounced. Think of a more matte like finish which may not clean and endure touches so well, but would not reveal the imperfections as much.

Do not be Afraid of Bold Colors

You should never be afraid of the bold colors. Choose those colors that will add texture and depth to your room. Understand the color’s psychology and then make use of that for your benefit. Think about just how a beachfront condo Mactan Newtown looks. If you can see its interior walls, you will be amazed!

Try Samples for the Meantime

Every room needs to be painted in a way that is best for them. The paint that you will be using for your living room may not be good for the bedroom. Also, what if you are not sure of how good or bad a certain hue will look on the walls once it was already painted? What you should do is to get some sample pints and start trying them to judge how each color will appear on the interior walls. This will help you save money too.

Measure the Area to Be Painted

Of course, you have to measure and get the exact measurement of the area that you need to paint. You also need to take into account the multiple coats, primer as well as the porosity of the interior walls.

Prepare the Area

Before painting can be started, you need to manage removing first the door knob, furnishings, furniture, secure the floors and other things that should be protected from paint drops.

Apply Primer First

It is important to apply primer first before you paint the top coat. You can use an airless paint sprayer to make painting less time consuming and tiring.

Paint Can Change and Enhance Your Mood

After a tiring and long, busy day at work, you want to be welcomed by your home in a soothing way, right? Seeing your bedroom painted with calm colored paint will surely enhance your mood. You will wake up every day feeling refreshed and good. Once you follow those tips above, you will surely love staying in your condo day after day!








How Paints Can Leave a Lasting Impression?

If you want to add value on your home, you need to consider residential painting. This has the ability to provide your home with a lasting impression. However, this task is not easy especially for those who do not have enough knowledge, background and experience in painting. There are other factors involved in getting all those positive effects.  Below are some of the essential things for you to achieve a long-lasting impression for you home:

  1. Bear in mind that residential painting is not easy as 123. But, you can hire contractors since they have the ability, skills and the tools to provide you with quality and satisfying result. These professional painters are skilled and well trained. They also know the latest trend for your home to stay modern but sophisticated.
  2. When it comes to the cost, this typically varies on the painting job outcome that you want. It is right to spend high amount of cash if you want for a long lasting result. Those who have limited budget do not need to worry as there are lots of experienced and reputable contractors out there. They offer you with quality services at reasonable rates. You must not base the performance on the price. You must be more concerned of the quality work.

What Paints can do to make your Home a Beautiful Place to Visit?

  1. Through this, you can get better home appraisal. Clean and beautiful looking walls result for potential buyers desiring your home.
  2. If you don’t have plan of selling it, this will even leave you feeling proud and confident. Neighbors will be feeling envious of you.
  3. Paint has the ability to bring out or highlight the best home features. Your guests will surely be impressed of the odd space features.
  4. A well-painted home gives a good impression among the guests.  Once people know that the home is properly taken care of, they will not think twice of investing money in owning it. Fresh paint is needed by your home in making it look newer and more chic.

How to Paint your small bathroom to make it look like bigger?

Not everyone can afford a huge bathroom, but paint can do help achieve a look that will help it make seems larger. Paint color, lines and style can all combine to make it spacious-looking.

  1. Vertical lines of stripes can make your restroom or comfort room look taller.
  2. Use of lighter and bright color are reflective it will make your room seems open.
  3. Use white paint near mirror and glass to make it blend and expand and gives an illusion that its wider.
  4. Buy and install white toilet bowl so it will also blend the color of your bathroom wall.

What other things Paints can do especially in the interior of your house?

  1. Painting provides extra protection from abrasion, UV light, chemical attack, and other environmental factors like moisture and extreme solar. This protective coating is very effective in securing buildings. Painters are making use of different coating for different surfaces and objects ( Check how to use an Graco Magnum airless Sprayer ). It is important to select exterior paint which is formulated based on the job.
  2. This has the ability to improve the functionality of residential or commercial establishments. If you are spending a great sum of money for cooling and heating, painting your roof and walls with white even provides reflective effect. This allows you to save money out of the energy bills just to heat or cool your room. In short, you can formulate paint to provide a definite and functional property.
  3. Majority of paints today are environmental-friendly. They are intended to protect not just the nature but also the people that make use of it. You no longer need to worry about its detrimental effect as some paints have the ability of improving quality of the air and saving energy.

Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer Review

If you just bought a new real estate property such as house and lot then painting areas in the house, whether they are big or small, can be challenging and exhausting at the same time. If you are only doing minor tasks such as repainting the fence or the interior of a bathroom where you want to match the color of your best flushing toilet, an airless paint sprayer is your best buddy.

It is a gas or electric-powered device that sprays paint or stain through a spray gun. Paint sprayer is not the one-stroke type of device. You will have to build up the colors to reach your desired hue. To know how light or dark the device sprays in a single stroke, test it on a surface before painting the area. Since this is not something everyone is used to, it takes a little bit of practice before you use it on the area.

Graco Magnum X5 is most probably the best airless paint sprayer when it comes to functionality. It works faster and covers more areas than the others. You won’t even need to thin most paints for this type can handle them well. The hose connects directly to a maximum of 5 gallons of paint saving you from all the hassle of mixing and pouring. It is also very efficient because most of your paint will really stick to the wall which means there is less over spraying. Its effectiveness and efficiency gets more work done in a less amount of time.

When it comes to portability, Graco Magnum X5 is light so you can easily carry it around. It comes with a 25-foot hose which is enough to reach the areas for most painting jobs. If you wish to have a longer hose, a 75-foot hose can also be purchased as an additional.

This device has a metal spray gun with a comfort grip. It has a motor that only operates when you pull the trigger, a function that lengthens the life of the painter’s motor Its pressure is up to 2800 psi which makes it useful even for the bigger projects like the exterior of the house and lot or a commercial building. Graco Magnum has a variable spray tip and is capable of auto priming. It comes with a one-year warranty, too.

Whether you are a beginner who’s going to repaint an area yourself or you are a pro painter who would like to have a better finish, this device is for you. Painting will be very easy and almost effortless if you use an airless spray painter that is of high quality and can surely function with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Get on to work with the Graco Magnum X5.